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Stephen Colbert on George W Bush

In what will undoubtedly be one of the more heavily discussed performances of this week, Stephen Colbert absolutely eviscerated President George W Bush at the White House Correspondent’s Association dinner last night. He said what we’re all thinking…and have been for several years. It is quite possibly the first time George W Bush has had to so publicly face these opinions (delivered in Stephen Colbert’s typical, satirical style) and it was interesting to see his absolute lack of interest in almost everything said. It was interesting, also, to see the almost complete lack of interest from the audience members (ie – the press) to any of the biting comments. The biggest laughs from the audience (and quite loud, proving that it wasn’t simply a matter of no microphones to pick up the audience reaction) were all about digs on democrats and safe topics like “Washington, DC”.

All told, a tremendous performance and a world-class roasting from Mr. Colbert. It’s just sad that so much of it is true…

See for yourself:




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Central District gentrification discussion on KUOW

Seattlest pointed me to an interesting discussion on KUOW yesterday… Central District gentrification discussion and call-ins on Friday’s “Weekday” program. Here’s the archive page for the second hour of the show where this discussion took place.

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Seattlest highlights Pratt Park “Tree Bench”

Here’s a great overhead photo of the new “Tree Bench” in Pratt Park (right near our house) from Seattlest.

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Sound Transit Board approves plan for University Link light rail

Only a few days after the finance committee approved it, the Sound Transit board has approved the plans for Seattle’s “University Link” light rail to connect downtown Seattle (end of Central Link light rail) up to the University at Husky Stadium. One more step on the way to a solid light rail solution for the city and the region!

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Restoration work at King Street Station

The King Street Station in Seattle turns 100 on May 10th, with various events planned. With more and more train service to/from/through Seattle, this station is taking on increased prominence in the city’s transit scene. Seattle Times had an interesting write up this week about the history of the station, previous renovation “improvements”, and the plans to restore it to its former glory (mostly by ripping out the previous renovation “improvements”). See the article here.

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Miscellaneous news items

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Earth Day

Last weekend we celebrated Earth Day. Some of us went to see the beautiful tulips and enjoy the weekend outdoors. Some requested that the EPA relax the environmental impact restrictions on petroleum refineries in an effort to increase the supply of gasoline.

Ok, to be fair, at least he actually waited until after Earth Day in making this announcement on Tuesday.

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The Last Battle

Well, I’ve finished C.S. Lewis’ The Last Battle and, therefore, the entire series.

This final book was one of the better books in the series, I think. Interesting point is that I pretty vividly remembered various parts of this book, so perhaps it seemed like one of the better in the series because of the vague familiarity or perhaps I remembered little bits and pieces because I had found it one of the better in the series many many years ago as well. Hard to say.

In any event, it’s a fairly thinly veiled allegory of the Apocalypse. Whoops, now I’ve given away the whole story. Really. Because that’s pretty much the whole book. Setting up false prophets, chronically those who don’t believe and their downfall, and the eventual (inevitable) rise of good to triumph in the end.

One thing I found particularly philosophically amusing as I read the book was how those who blindly followed (the ape) were somewhat denigrated – it was BAD for folks to close their eyes and follow evil because of fear. At least I think that was part of the point (it’s sure how I understood it). But what was ironic to me is that those who close their eyes and follow evil don’t generally think that’s what they’re doing. The loudest voices calling for piety and certain (approved) behaviors today could just as easily be “following evil” themselves and not even realize it. It was a bit of a twist on the traditional religious perspective that I don’t remember reading into it when I was much younger and last read this book.

In any event, it is a good round-out to the series. Now, on to other books again.

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Weekend fun

We had a great weekend — weather was great, lots to do, etc!

On Saturday we went up to Mount Vernon in the Skagit Valley to check out the tail end of the April Tulip Festival. See pictures at Doddsnet.

Then, on Sunday, Jodi was on call but I went up to Seattle Center to enjoy the weather and see the 30th Annual Japanese Cherry Blossom and Cultural Festival. See pictures at Doddsnet.

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Light rail extension to UW update

Yay, one step closer to getting the light rail from UW<->downtown!

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