Meeting new people

I had to rush to post the photos and blog post yesterday in a few free minutes, but today I wanted to talk about something else that was sort of interesting about both Buffalo and about the first part of our time here in Texas…

It has been so great to meet some new people on this trip!

We had the great pleasure to meet Martha’s BF Adam for the first time during the Buffalo part of the trip. He’s a towering fellow (he really is as tall as he looks in the photos), and he’s a great guy! Jodi and I really enjoyed spending some time with him and with Martha as we went around to the museums and such on the morning of graduation. And thanks for driving us around most of the day also!

Then out in Texas, we got to meet Donna — David’s (father of the graduates) sister — and her husband Don. Although I’d met all the rest of the family who were here a bunch of times before, I hadn’t ever met this part of the family. Donna is a nurse practitioner in a neo-natal unit, and she and Jodi had a lot to talk about. Very fun!

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