National Parks Trip 2006

Jodi and I, after returning from the graduation trip(s) to Buffalo and to Houston, loaded up the car and headed out for a week of national park touring and camping. Here are the daily summary descriptions from the photos posted at Doddsnet:

Tuesday – May 16, 2006

Jodi and I left Seattle and headed east. Today was mostly a driving day… we stopped for lunch, but almost all of the rest of the day was spent in the car, aiming at the Lewis and Clark caverns in Montana. We didn’t quite make it that far (we were worried it’d be dark and hard to set up the tent if we went the whole way) so we ended up at a campground near Missoula instead.

Start 0916, 51048. Gas stop 0919, 51050. Lunch 1148. End lunch 1213. Gas stop 1428, 51367. Stop – Clinton, MT, 1845.

Wednesday – May 17, 2006

Jodi and I woke up in Clinton, MT and hit the road toward Lewis and Clark caverns. We arrived at the caverns, but decided not to take the two hour tour and to press on toward Madison campsite at Yellowstone instead. We arrived at Yellowstone and headed down to see various geysers, hotsprings, etc. Then we camped at Madison. There are lots of photos here, and that’s still after deleting the bad ones and only posting a portion of what remains!

Start 0730. Gas stop 0854, 51654. Stop – Yellowstone (Madison Campsite).

Thursday – May 18, 2006

Jodi and I woke up in Yellowstone and drove up to Mammoth Springs campground straight-away (no reservation at at that campsite and Madison was probably 100% full on Wednesday night). After securing our campsite, we went back south and viewed a bunch of stuff back down to Madison Jct. Then we went over to Canyon Village for some lunch. Then down to Fishing Bridge (where, ironically, you can’t fish). Then we drove back to Mammoth (a truly mammoth drive from Fishing Bridge) and camped at Madison. There are lots of photos here, and – again – that’s still after deleting the bad ones and only posting a portion of what remains!

Start 0805, 51862. Stop – Yellowstone (Mammoth Campsite).

Friday – May 19, 2006

Jodi and I woke up in Yellowstone and drove up to Salmon Lake State Park, via Missoula. We were a little bit disappointed by the changes to Missoula since our last visit (in 2000). It seems to have doubled in size, and not in a good way. Lots of traffic and strip malls, etc. Ugh. Salmon Lake State Park was very nice though. We had some rowdy/loud site neighbors who clearly can’t read and thought “Quiet Hours” meant “be really loud”. Plus we had our first thunderstorm; quite a big one!

Start 0904, 52019. Gas 1020, 52078. Lunch 1400, 52324. Stop 1615, 52368 – Salmon Lake.

Saturday – May 20, 2006

Jodi and I woke up at Salmon Lake and drove up Glacier National Park. When we arrived there, we discovered that the “Road to the Sun” is still closed until mid-June. Drat. So we were only able to go about 15 miles  up the road and had to turn around and go back out the entrance. Then we did the same thing at the north-east end of the park. So I suppose we’ll need to come back at some point to actually see the whole road. We were ahead of schedule, so we decided to drive on to Waterton Lakes National Park and camp there. Unfortunately, once we got there we discovered that all of the campgrounds at this Canada national park were full. So we ended up camping just outside the national park at a privately owned campground. It was very, VERY windy.

Start 0837, 52391. Gas 1012,52483. Lunch 1033,52492. Gas 1533,52673 – (outside) Waterton Lakes.

Sunday – May 21, 2006

Jodi and I woke up early at Waterton and started our drive home. Having braved the wind of Waterton the night before (it was VERY windy), we were interested to see all of the wind turbines as we made our way through Alberta. We had both breakfast and Lunch in the car, and decided to skip both Coulee Dam and Yakima (which we had earlier considered stopping for) in an effort to get home sooner. We were both feeling a bit homesick. 🙂

Start 0620,52740. Lunch 1210,53085. Gas 1310,53087. 1702,53378 – HOME!


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