Our Dodge Durango in Houston

This is a post that should have come after our recent trip to Houston for the graduations but it got pushed off to the “deal with later” pile since we were leaving right away for our national parks trip.

Anyway, back to the story. When we arrived in Houston, our car reservation (gotta have a car in Houston) was not ready for us. More importantly, our car wasn’t ready for us. Cue the Seinfeld episode, etc.

But, a solution was at hand. They “upgrade” us to a Dodge Durango. Now we’re strange, I suppose. We tend to always reserve the smallest car you can get. Not just because we’re cheap (which we are), but also because we want better fuel economy (which, I suppose, reinforces that we’re cheap, but also want to “save” the planet).

So, getting an upgrade to a Dodge Durango was not really what we had in mind. We ended up taking it (vs waiting 30 minutes for them to clean another car), but only after we had convinced ourselves that we were going to make it be fuel efficient.

And.. well… we kinda did! We drove it up to Huntsville for the graduation and loaded it right the heck up with people. By fully loading the Durango we were able to save two other cars from having to drive up. So that’s good.

Overall the fuel economy was pretty poor compared to our usual sippers, but at least we know we saved some other cars from making the drive.

Stats: 185 miles driven, 11.019 gals to refuel = ~16.79 mpg.

Saving two other cars the trip, these other cars would have had to have made >33 mpg each to make the swap ineffective. So perhaps we did come out ahead here.

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