Wiring Closet

Now that I’ve finished swapping out the old POTS telephone line in our wiring closet for another CAT5 ethernet drop, the whole place is wired. And I’m very excited to say it’s pretty unobtrusive and functionally done!

About 6 months ago I swapped in a Linksys WRT54GC compact router in place of the huge WRT54G I had been using as the primary gateway (out in the living room). I like its small size and low heat, and I like how it’s been very reliable. This is great since the new plan was to have it tucked up inside my smartbox in the wall, I didn’t want to have to be getting at it on any regular basis. As part of this move, I put our Dlink cable modem (not quite as small nor as cool-running as the router, unfortunately) into the box. And finally, I needed some GigE speed, so there’s a 5–port SMC GigE switch in there.

Combined with all the telephone stuff (there’s also a 110 punchdown block in there), all of the CAT5e cabling and cable Coax for the distribution throughout the condo, it’s quite a packed smartbox! Oh yeah, I had to terminate the power in there too. So there’s a power strip tucked in there somewhere. Very VERY pleased it all fits! All crammed into a space about 16” x 16” x 3” deep, thanks to careful layering and some zipties.

Here’s what it looks like with the box opened up, click to see it larger:


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