Removing lists from Doddsnet

Subtly, quietly, a few weeks ago I removed the lists archive from Doddsnet. Well, sort of. The list archive is still there. It’s just frozen in time and hidden. So any search engines that have indexed historic posts (and a bunch have, according to my hit logs!) will still be able to find these posts. But I’ve unsubscribed from the various lists and stopped generating any new additions to the archive.

Why? Well, I’d been archiving these several lists going back years and years. And when I started doing this a few years ago, it was because *I* was reading these lists and found it useful to have a local (and searchable) archive of their content available. This was back before these lists provided such a thing on their own — or at least not that I could find at the time.

But over the last 2–3 years I’ve found that I never really use it anymore. I don’t read these lists. It was a fine service for others who ran across it via a search engine, but it wasn’t useful for me. And it was kind of a pain to keep going, since I had to install and keep updated all sort of tools (Perl, etc) on my server that I wasn’t using for anything else. Plus, worst of all, it meant that I was relying on the Exchange “M: Drive” (EXIFS) functionality to get access to the emails as simulated files. Since the M: drive is a legacy concept, this dependency meant I couldn’t easily move my server forward to later versions of Exchange.

I decided that it was more important to me to be able to upgrade my server than to figure out some new way of doing the archiving that I don’t use anymore.

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