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Pumpkin Push 2006

Once again, Jodi and I ran the Pumpkin Push 5k at Seward Park (we also ran it last year). I had forgotten how huge the hill is in the middle of the course, so it caught me a bit by surprise! I ended up doing a bit worse in my time than I had done a few weeks ago at the Salmon Days run.

It was cool, too, that my mom was here for the weekend so she got to experience an Evan and Jodi 5k run. 🙂

PerfectTime results are in now too:

249 90/104 168 Evan Dodds 30 Seattle WA 0:34:46.5 11:12
369 117/177 169 Todi Dodds 28 Seattle WA 0:34:46.7 11:12

Whoa, wait a second. Todi? Yes, that’s right. Jodi has decided to take on a second identity for anonymity in her running results. Or at least that’s one way to interpret it. The other way is that someone has trouble telling a carefully-lettered “J” from a “T” in one of those “one-box-for-each-letter” forms. Undoubtedly the same someone who must know someone actually named “Todi” in real life (have you ever met anyone named Todi?). Perhaps an Italian, missing his home… we’ll never know!

In any case, let’s pretend it says Jodi.

This was my first race as a 30-year-old. A whole new age class for Evan. Which kinda stinks. Had I finished this race on Friday, I would have been around the middle of the pack for my age range. In the 30-39 range, I am, sadly, 90/104. Ugh. I miss my 20s already (not really).

Here’s the map:

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Busy Birthday Weekend

My mom was in town for my birthday weekend, so we headed all over to do some good touring. Jodi and I ran the Pumpkin Push 5k race at Seward Park, then we three went to the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Pacific Science Center, and had a great birthday fondue meal at the Melting Pot. And that was just Saturday!

We did lots of other fun stuff too throughout the weekend. See the photos at Doddsnet.

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Wow is Mercer Island ever Hilly!

On Sunday, I decided to take a bike ride out across the I-90 bridge. It’d been a while since my last bike ride, and I’ve gone just about all the other directions but that one.

What a disappointment! Perhaps because it’d been several weeks since my last bike ride, or perhaps because it’s just much hillier than I had expected, I found myself worn out very quickly. I made it out across the bridge and up (and up and up) into some parks on the island, but by that point I was just totally out of breath and worn out from so much climbing. When I started to go down a very long (and steep) hill, I realized what a horrible pain it was going to be to bike back up this same hill when I eventually went back the other way. I turned around and headed home.

Total distance was 7.77 miles, with an appalling amount of the time spent ascending (and with my heart-rate > my 90% target the whole while)!

The map:

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V is for Viaduct

Jodi and I celebrate the silence while the Viaduct is closed

Oct 14, 2006: We started off Jodi’s birthday by heading down to the waterfront to enjoy the closure of the viaduct. WSDOT does this inspection semi-annually to make sure that it’s not fallen apart so much in the preceding six months that its complete collapse is imminent. This inspection cycle is particularly interesting, as it’s right before the decision is to be made about whether to replace the viaduct with a tunnel, another viaduct, or the streets+transit option. It was great to tour around the area with a group and not have the incessant viaduct traffic noise disturbing our conversation!

Jodi also got interviewed by KOMO 4 news about the walk.

Then, this morning, the combined Times/PI Sunday edition had a story about a poll they’d taken that shows a majority want to replace the viaduct with another viaduct. Ugh. Sadly, 30% of those in favor of a replacement viaduct favor this option because they “like the view” from the current viaduct. A view which will not be present in a new elevated viaduct construction, of course, but that was never mentioned in the article as far as I saw. Lowers my opinion of the PI that they’d run such a hatchet-job against the tunnel and streets+transit options for the viaduct (albeit, one that is clearly from the Times side of the house)!

Photos of the walk at Doddsnet

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Email from Jack Hamann

Fun addendum to my review post about Jack Hamann’s “On American Soil” book: shortly after posting, I received an email from Mr Hamann with some additional information on the book, proving the power of the Internet (along with his technology prowess) that he was able to watch for mention of his name on the Internet and see what folks are saying about him! I love the Internet!

In any case, he provided me with a link to his personal site ( where he has additional photos, maps, etc. If you enjoyed the book, there’s more great info on his site!

Also, he clarified that the book will be out in paperback next spring from UWPress.

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September 2006 PCO election results

And the numbers are in! On October 4th, the PCO election results from the September 19th primary election were finalized. You may recall that I was running for this office in my precinct.

Well, somewhat as expected, I won the position thanks to 111 of my supportive friends and neighbors in the 37-1833 precinct!

See the whole spreadsheet of results here.

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Salmon Days Run 2006

Following on Jodi’s success in the 10k last year, this year we figured it’d be more efficient if we just both ran the 5k. 🙂

Like the last 5k I ran (wow, has it really been since April?!), I was able to go straight through the whole race without walking. This one was actually even “easier” than the Hawk Run, and I attribute my increased running stamina very directly to the long bike rides I’ve been doing over the last month or two. I guess biking for 2-3 straight hours helps make it a bit easier to run for 30 minutes! Go figure.

In any event, Jodi and I ran the whole thing together and did the whole mapping thing. Here is the 5k route (a bit of overlapping on the way back so it’s probably not totally clear which direction we ran where the route is not overlapped… short version is you start at GI Joes on Gilman, go fairly straight up to the downtown, then zig-zag back to the GI Joes for the finish):

Sadly, the 5k didn’t have chip start timing, only finish from chip based on gun time. Darnit. So my official Gun Time was:

264 11/12 1087 Evan Dodds 29 Seattle WA 33:37 10:49

And Jodi’s:

202 16/20 1088 Jodi Dodds 27 Seattle WA 33:37 10:49

But according to my watch time, not only did we actually run 3.14 miles, but we were back a few seconds from the starting line and so my “chip” time for the 3.14 miles would have been 33:18.

Scott and Arika were also there. Scott running the 10k (and very fast at under 50 minutes, according to the official chip-time numbers!) and Arika running the 5k a good bit ahead of Jodi and I.

I didn’t see Michael Palermizzle there, but I can only assume he ran the 1k kids fun run after the main races were done. No results on that posted online, so let’s just assume he came in somewhere in the middle of the pack. Congratulations Michael!!

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RSSBandit and Vista

Now that the RC2 bits for Vista are out, I decided to go all out and load it up on my laptop (my last remaining machine running XP). Well, truth be told I actually decided to carefully and cautiously back up my laptop and add a second partition to do a dual-boot safe install.

Of course, fate had something else in mind and I ended up botching my partitions before I got the backup done. So I found my self at 1pm with a laptop with no working OS, corrupted partition mappings, and therefore no easy way to get a good backup of the XP settings. “Going all out” I guess it is then!

So, an hour or two later I was finishing up installing a bunch of the apps I use on my laptop (my primary computer). Most everything worked great, but one I was having trouble with was RSSBandit v1.3.0.42 (the latest version at the time).

Every time I went into the menu system, it spawned a bunch of other items on the taskbar and locked up unti I killed the process. Yikes, that makes it a bit unusable. After a bit of searching the Internet and the RSSBandit forum, I found some references to an outdated/incompatible menuing DLL used by this version of RSSBandit. So presumably they’ll eventually get around to rewriting this part of the product and the problem will disappear in later versions of RSSBandit. But that doesn’t help me reading my feeds today.

But, the Intenet provides a solution once again. Thanks to Eric Denekamp and his blog post for a workaround (that worked)! Short version: Disable Aero Glass theme. It’s not a great solution, but it’s tolerable until a new version of RSSBandit comes out.

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Cantwell Rally

I thought I had posted about this when I put the photos up on the website, but I guess I didn’t. In any case, back in mid-September Jodi and I went to a Maria Cantwell rally over in Bellevue at which three of the women senators (Cantwell, Murray, and Boxer) were present. Also present was Darcy Burner, candidate for the 8th congressional district. Good times were had by all. See the pictures.

But what brought it back to my attention was the little 5 second snippet of video that showed up a week ago on Upfront with Robert Mak (as he went to commercial near the end of the show). You betcha, right there toward the front… Jodi and I. 🙂

See the short video:

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Portland Trip

Just posted some photos from our Portland trip to the Doddsnet website. Here’s the write-up:

September 30 – October 3, 2006: Jodi and I caught an Amtrak train down to Portland, OR for a few days. Josh also flew up to make it a party! We watched the Portland Marathon, had some nice meals, and took some great pictures at the Zoo, the Japanese Garden, and the Rose Test Garden.

Also, before heading to Portland I posted some photos from my trip to NYC/NJ for Al’s wedding. Good times!

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