RSSBandit and Vista

Now that the RC2 bits for Vista are out, I decided to go all out and load it up on my laptop (my last remaining machine running XP). Well, truth be told I actually decided to carefully and cautiously back up my laptop and add a second partition to do a dual-boot safe install.

Of course, fate had something else in mind and I ended up botching my partitions before I got the backup done. So I found my self at 1pm with a laptop with no working OS, corrupted partition mappings, and therefore no easy way to get a good backup of the XP settings. “Going all out” I guess it is then!

So, an hour or two later I was finishing up installing a bunch of the apps I use on my laptop (my primary computer). Most everything worked great, but one I was having trouble with was RSSBandit v1.3.0.42 (the latest version at the time).

Every time I went into the menu system, it spawned a bunch of other items on the taskbar and locked up unti I killed the process. Yikes, that makes it a bit unusable. After a bit of searching the Internet and the RSSBandit forum, I found some references to an outdated/incompatible menuing DLL used by this version of RSSBandit. So presumably they’ll eventually get around to rewriting this part of the product and the problem will disappear in later versions of RSSBandit. But that doesn’t help me reading my feeds today.

But, the Intenet provides a solution once again. Thanks to Eric Denekamp and his blog post for a workaround (that worked)! Short version: Disable Aero Glass theme. It’s not a great solution, but it’s tolerable until a new version of RSSBandit comes out.

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  1. Nick Rosenfeld said,

    October 10, 2006 at 10:53 am

    Been running RSSbandit on Vista on my laptop for a while now without issues. Of course the video card on my laptop doesn’t support the Aero Glass theme so I didn’t even know this was a problem.