Running to The Smiths

Lately Jodi and I have been trying to exercise fairly regularly in our condominium fitness room. We’ve been getting up a bit earlier a couple days a week and heading down for 30 mins or so of aerobic workout — me on the treadmill (ugh, she won’t let me do the stationary bike) and Jodi on the elliptical trainer.

But what’s actually helped to make running a couple of miles quite tolerable has been “The Smiths“. I’d never been much of a “listening to music when I exercise” type. In fact, historically I’ve always listened to my audio books while exercising.

Unfortunately, my Zune isn’t supported yet by Audible, so I’m constrained to only my sync’d music or the radio. I can assure you there’s not a lot on the radio at 6am, so I decided to hit the music.

The first day we we tried this exercise routine, I was strangely in the mood to listen to “The Smiths” and I ran 30 minutes to the first half of “Louder Than Bombs”. By our second day, I decided I wanted more of the same. And so it’s been each time we’ve exercised.

Maybe it seems perfectly reasonable to you that someone should exercise to The Smiths, but is seems pretty strange to me. Much like exercising to The Cure, there’s just a sense about their music style that makes me think of “depression”. I actually quite expected that I’d be unable to properly run to The Smiths and might even be running so slow as to not even work up a sweat. I had clearly forgotten how energetic the “depressed” music of Morrissey actually is!!

In fact, as I clenched my mouth shut to keep from belting out lyrics at the top of my lungs, I found myself cranking up the speed on the treadmill to “keep up” with the beat. Some of those songs are as fast as any 160bpm dance track!

And, most importantly, the half-hour of otherwise arduous running went by before I knew it. I felt refreshed, energized, and a bit like whistling my favorite songs.

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