Ski Trip and Sculpture Park

You might think I was actually around last week, what with the regular posts to the blog. Thank technology! I posted those before we left for a week’s vacation. Here are the details:

Ski Trip to Whistler

January 15-19: Jodi and I (plus MIL and Tim) headed up to Whistler, British Columbia for a few days of skiing on the mountain. On the way we drove through Vancouver – my first trip “to” this city. We then skiied 3 days in fantastic weather, including my trip from “Peak to Creek” during the whiteout conditions on the 3rd day! Many of these photos came from Jodi’s camera.

Sculpture Park Opening

January 20: Jodi and I went down to the new Seattle Art Museum (SAM) Olympic Sculpture Park for the opening weekend. Weather was fantastic, so it was CROWDED. Very cool park though!

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