520 Transit lanes NOT designed by anti-transit conspirators

Turns out I was wrong. I’d previously referred to the “right-hand-side-of-the-road” HOV lanes on SR-520 as having been designed by anti-transit conspirators.

I found out yesterday from an email thread on the “Bus Riders” email group at work what is the real story. This link has the details: http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/HOV/FAQ.htm (emphasis in the block-quote is mine)

A carpool is any car with two or more people in it, including the driver. (Children and others without a driver’s license count as carpool passengers). There is only one exception to this rule: on SR 520 between I-405 and the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. This lane was originally designed as a shoulder and cannot safely handle large traffic volumes. It is designated as a 3+ section in order to limit the HOV volumes.

Ok, so that explains it: 520 between 405 and the bridge actually doesn’t have a HOV lane… it has a shoulder that was thoughtfully CONVERTED into a HOV lane.

I guess that means it’s only fair to revise my statement to: “SR-520 transit lanes were designed by PRO-transit conspirators”. The end result isn’t pretty, but it beats the heck out of having a wide shoulder in its place!

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