HHilton HHonors

I’m done with Hilton HHonors. I’m also done with Hilton hotels, any time I have a choice.

Over the years, I’ve often preferred Hilton hotels when I traveled for work or pleasure. I’ve been collecting HHonors “points” for years and years. And, of course, I’ve never “redeemed” any of them. Just what the hotel chain wants, I expect. A loyal customer who reliably collects points but never uses them.

And then the other day I tried to sign into my HHonors account to see how many points I had collected. Just to feel good about it. Let’s be honest, I have never had any real expectation that these points are redeemable for anything besides magazine subscriptions (tried to book a regular – non-premium 50,000 points – plane ticket lately using points? How’d that work out for you?)

… and the result? I couldn’t get into my account.

“What the heck”, I thought to myself. I’m sure I’m typing the right number for my account into the website. I’m looking at it on my Silver VIP HHonors card right here in front of me. Sure, I haven’t traveled as much for work since I took this new job in spring 2005, but what could be going on — that’s not even two years ago (implicitly thinking: “… and no customer-focused company would strip you of all your collected points in less than 2 years!”)

So I called up the customer support number. And they assured me that my account number was correct, but it had been “inactivated”. AFTER 12 MONTHS.

I’d be happy to reactivate your account“, the nice customer support lady reassured me. “And my points,” I asked?

Oh, they’re gone… sorry“.

Yeah, my points were gone after just 12 months of non-use. Well, then I’m gone too if they have such little respect for their customers. Fortunately there are alternatives I can use going forward who haven’t yet expired my points from >2 years ago.

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  1. Allen said,

    March 18, 2007 at 7:29 am

    What a bunch of crap! I have a few hundred thousand points with Hilton, Marriott, and Continental. I would be pretty angry if I lost all of those points.

    I have noticed that several companies in the travel industry have implemented similar policies. US Air will now kill all of your miles if you have been inactive for 12 or 18 months (I forget the exact length). Pretty weak if you ask me. They did send several e-mails to me with warnings that I was getting close to the deadline. I guess the few additional records in their database was impacting their licensing costs. 🙂

    I signed up at e-rewards.com to fill out surveys and they give you “money” that you can use towards miles and points for travel. These transactions will count as activity on your account and will prevent it from getting cancelled. Sorry I didn’t tell you about this sooner.