Little Children

Last week I watched the movie Little Children. It was actually quite good, better than I had expected (somehow I hadn’t really heard anything about this movie before the Oscars).

I think the saddest part, really, was about Ronnie. Perhaps that’s the point of the movie, I dunno. But it’s so strange that it’s very hard to feel anything but sadness and pity for this poor character. Even after he proves what kind of person he is on his date, when his mother dies and it’s plain how helpless and hopeless he is, it’s very hard not to feel sad. The “be a good boy” note from his mother was exactly the message you’d expect from her and exactly what he needed to hear in her desperation. She knew who he was and loved him anyway.

Plus there was other stuff in the movie. I’m glad Kate Winslet didn’t run off with Jennifer Connelly’s movie husband.

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