Reign over Me

Jodi and I went out to watch “Reign Over Me” last weekend. I had read several good reviews of the movie beforehand, so I was pretty excited to see it. Overall it was a good movie, but it was still a little disappointing. The story was interesting, but a little unfulfilled.

I didn’t get a couple of things:

  • What the heck was Donald Sutherland’s role supposed to be? The all-knowing judge who doesn’t have to follow the law? Why in the world would he put the mental health decision for Adam Sandler’s character into the hands of the people who were pushing the legal action? I just didn’t get that, and it didn’t seem very realistic.
  • Who really would think it was a good idea to hook Adam Sandler up with the crazy woman who threatened to sue Don Cheadle? That’s just a terrible idea… doesn’t matter how “hot” she is.

So it was an okay movie and Adam Sandler did a credible job of being a miserable, crazy person. But come on.

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