The Mighty and the Almighty

I recently finished Madeleine Albright’s book “The Mighty and the Almighty” (from Audible, of course). I wasn’t all that thrilled with the first part (where it seemed to me like she was justifying government working in combination with religion), but after finishing the whole book I think I’ve come around to better understand her point.

Now, disclaimer — I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Ms. Albright. She’s always struck me as very intelligent and rational, while still being a real person. I wish she was US-born and wanted to be president. I would vote for her in a second. (which was all the more reason I was a little distressed by the first part of the book).

So, where did I go wrong? What was she really saying? Well, after listening to the whole book, it seems to me like she was saying not that government should comingle more with religion, but rather that government should be more AWARE of religion and the influence of religion throughout the world. A good example of this would be that as “religious” as our current government is, it’s hopelessly tied to Christianity — not really a benefit when trying to understand cultural differences and do diplomacy with many nations around the world which as not majority Christian.

Overall, a very interesting book from a very interesting author! Highly recommended.

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