2nd Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

April 14: Jodi and I made it up to (our) 2nd annual Tulip Festival today, with MIL in tow. It was a bit drizzly at first, but eventually it cleared up and we had a great trip with lots of great photos. I had rented the 105mm Nikkor Macro lens this year (vs the 60mm last year) and was eager to try it out. We continued our tradition of getting a Kiwanis BBQ Salmon lunch at Hillcrest Park and then stopped at Carpenter Creek Winery on the way home!

Photos at Doddsnet: http://www.doddsnet.com/Photos/2007/2007Tulips/Default.htm


Part 2 with the Macro Lens:

April 14: After returning from the Tulip Festival, I realized that it was a beautiful day out and I still have the 105mm Nikkor macro lens for the rest of the weekend. I spent an hour walking around the neighborhood looking for anything fun to photograph. Even though it takes great photos, this is a hard lens to work with! In the 2 years I’ve had my D70 I’ve hardly ever used the “Depth of Field” button when taking photos on Aperture priority… today I used the heck out of it to overcome the razor-thin focus in the macro shots!

Photos at Doddsnet: http://www.doddsnet.com/Photos/2007/2007Macro105/Default.htm


  1. Michael said,

    April 16, 2007 at 11:49 am

    Glad you got an opportunity to use the 105mm. The DOF preview button is something I use frequently especially because I shoot 99% aperture priority mode… I recommend using it for all your shooting, not just the maco stuff.

    The shallow DOF you experienced with shooting with the 105mm is common in macros. Set the F-stop to something like f/11++ and the focus on the midpoint of the photograph. This is where a very solid tripod/head come into play because in many cases you’ll want more than just one portion of the subject in focus. As you decrease the light getting to the sensor with the high F/stop rating your exposure times will go way up. I also highly recommend using the manual focus ring instead of trying to let the AF search for spots to focus on.

    Anyway, we made our 3rd annual trip up to the Tulip Festival yesterday. It was my second trip with my 105mm macro. Throughout the day I switched up my shooting between it and the 70-200mm f/2.8. I’ll be posting photos soon!

  2. Evan said,

    April 16, 2007 at 6:46 pm

    Yup, that’s pretty much exactly what I ended up doing (although, I was often so close that I ended up out to f/18 or better!)

    I found that in the somewhat dim/overcast morning light on Saturday I was occasionally struggling with fairly slow shutter speeds at such clamped down aperture. With the wind also blowing, it made for a problem the VR unfortunately couldn’t solve! 🙂

    As for manual focus, I used it exclusively after the first couple failed shots. The focus hunting on a macro lens is just crazy… wind blows the item in the focus spot out of the frame for an instant and then the lens hunts all the way out and back in for 5 seconds of refocusing. No way!