Investment Guy on the Bus

A week or two ago I had an interesting experience on the 14 bus. I was riding home from something downtown (I forget what) at around 4 or 5pm. The bus was mostly full, and I found myself in one of the few seats near the back of the bus.

What caught my attention was that moments after sitting down, I was drawn into listening to a conversation between a teenager and a man in his late 20s or maybe 30s. The adult was telling the teenager about his (the adult’s) job as an investment banker and about investing. The teenager was listening and asking questions.

The investment banker was telling the teenager about investing in the stock market, what is the stock market, how does it “pay you interest”, how he (the adult) had done all this and was in the process of becoming wealthy, etc. The teenager — initially proud of the large roll of cash in his pocket — quickly got caught up in respecting his elder and hypothesizing about how much money there was to be made by investing.

Eventually, the teenager reached his stop and left the bus, waving goodbye to the adult.

It was particularly interesting that upon entering the bus, either of these two loud-talkers on the back of the bus could have been perceived as intimidating or dangerous but by the time we’d made our way up South Jackson street for 5-10 minutes, they both seemed intelligent and respectful. A future full of promise for all, and thanks to the “Investment Guy” on the 14 bus for putting sensible thoughts about money into at least one young mind.

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