Until I find you

Not all of John Irving’s books are available in audible (in fact, only a handful are). This “new” (now probably 2 years old) book, however, was available, so it’s the next one in my listen pile.

It took me AGES to get through this book (almost a month of nearly daily listening). Not because it was a slow or bad book. Quite the opposite, it was actually quite an interesting and engaging book. But it was long, 35+ hours to listen through, so it just took a long time!

In traditional John Irving fashion, there are his standard sort of strange topics: Wrestling, kinky/strange/inappropriate sex and sexual encounters,  broken relationships, stoic/unfeeling participants.

A handful of new topics added: tattoos, organ playing, prostitutes in Amsterdam.

And, finally, a couple of “curiously absent” old favorites we’ve seen in other stories: stories within a story, zoos, and German literature.  (Catherine points out that I only think these are standard-faire Irving because of the set of his books I’ve read and the ones I’ve yet to read).

Hehe. I’m such a cynic. John Irving has such an engaging writing style, I just can’t stay away… even as his books get weirder and weirder (or, some might argue, LESS weird). The idea that his real-life experiences play into some of his writing topics is particularly interesting.

That said, I nearly always have trouble connecting with one or more of the characters in his books, and this one was no exception. I had a very hard time understanding





Jack’s reaction when Emma died. I think that was partly the point, but still I found it empathetically a very sad point and it made me feel particularly sad for Jack for his lack of emotion.

I also didn’t understand why William never tried to “find” Jack after he turned 18 and there was no real risk of interference from Alice. Seems they could have enjoyed so much more time together.

Oh well. Another good book down. Only a couple more JI books to go and I’ll be caught up. Problem is I need to actually read most of the rest, so it might be a while. 🙂

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