I’m here — sort of!

Contrary to my sister’s assertion and (coincidentally, I expect) my father’s admonition over the telephone just hours before C’s post went live, I do still blog. And even more importantly, I read other people’s blogs!

Yes, I realize it’s been since November that I’ve last posted. In fact, when I realized after Christmas that it’d been nearly 2 months, I actively decided to wait until it had actually been 2 full months before posting again (giving myself a bit of a breather). Well, today is the 16th of January, making it 2 months since my Barcelona post. So, with that break, I’ll try to post at least a bit more often. I’ve built up quite a queue of things to post about, and now it’s just about finding time.

So, what have we (or, at least I) been up to since November 16th? Tons!

  • G’s 4 month checkup in November
  • BG (MIL) and Tim visit for Thanksgiving
  • Went to an informational thing about the new penguin exhibit to be built at the zoo
  • Lots of holiday parties (MS-Exchange, Neurology, 37Dems, probably others I’m forgetting)
  • We had Neuro applicants (and a bunch of residents) over for an applicant dinner in December
  • Spent Xmas week in Texas: some in Houston, some in Austin — G got to meet lots of family
  • Went to “Caucus Training” to learn how to run my precinct caucus on Feb 9th
  • Filed our state and city Excise/B&O taxes for Rockhopper Papers
  • Prepared the W2/W3 year-end stuff for our nanny, Rachel
  • Spent just about every waking (and some non-waking) minute with G and J

So, as you can I’ve had lots of time for blogging and I’m just a lazy slacker. Catherine. Sheesh! 🙂

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