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Partial Credit at the University of Washington

Yesterday, Gabriel and I took a few hours in the afternoon to go walk around the UW campus. Well, actually it was more like 2 hours and 45 mins of this was for the bus-ride up and back.

Yes, that’s right.. the bus ride. I haven’t been taking the bus too much lately given my new work schedule — I keep G in the morning until Rachel arrives and come home later in the evening (making traffic a lot better and buses a lot less frequent). So, feeling a little bit guilty about the change, I decided to make use of the bus to get to the UW.

Riding the 48 bus north to UW on a Saturday wasn’t too bad. I felt a little awkward with him strapped in the stroller taking up part of the aisle, but he kept pretty busy watching the other passengers (particularly one fellow across the bus who was reading with great concentration).

Then we walked all around the UW for an hour or so and had a great time. It was kind of fun to walk around the core of campus with all the students swirling around us. G was enthralled watching the mass of students passing in every direction! I found it sort of funny too that of the only two (totally separate) conversations I was really able to overhear as we walked… both involved the speaker’s relief that they would qualify for “partial credit” on their project. Ah, mediocrity.

In any case, we finished up by hopping the southbound 48 bus from the NW end of campus. Strangely, this bus driver insisted that I take G out of the stroller. It seemed strange to me that he’d somehow be safer squirming around in my arms as I tried to keep the stroller from moving away (vs just remaining strapped into the 5-point restraint in the stroller so I only have to focus on keeping the stroller from moving). But, I’m sure there was some exam at Metro Transit Bus Driver school where you don’t even get partial credit for allowing the first option. 🙂

We made it home safely. Success!

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