About Evan Dodds

Evan in Las Vegas - Sept 2005 Evan and Jodi in Las Vegas - Sept 2005 E/J/G in Seattle - Oct 2007

Welcome to my “non-work” blog. I’ve also got my “Exchange blog” out there, but it’s pretty focused. On this blog, I’m trying to talk more about stuff that I care about — outside of work.

A little about me: I’m a new resident of Seattle (2005). I’m married to a wonderful woman, and my soulmate: Jodi (she also has two blogs: her running blog, and residential space). We moved to Seattle in spring of 2005 so that Jodi could do her medical residency in Adult Neurology at the University of Washington Medical Center.

Together we have the world’s best little boy: Gabriel. He is a light and a joy in our lives (plus a bit of an alarm clock and whatever is the opposite of a vacuum cleaner).

I work for Microsoft Corporation in the Exchange Server team. I am a Program Manager, working on the systems management aspects (think PowerShell-related stuff) for the next version of Exchange Server. Good stuff!!

Anyways, since I have a lot of varied interests outside of my technical work, I’ll plan to blog about them a bit here. Expect to see posts on topics like: Transit issues in Seattle, Seattle politics, Politics in general, Timezones and daylight saving time, Books I’ve read, News articles that catch my attention. Who knows. We’ll play it by ear.

You might also be interested in the Doddsnet website, where you can find lots of photos of our escapades, going back to 1997. Lately we’ve been posting stuff up at Flickr instead (http://www.flickr.com/photos/doddsfamily), so if you are family or friend, please let me know so we can get you added to see all the pictures. You can also find my Yves Tanguy gallery at the Doddsnet site. Highly recommended.