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Even 3 weeks earlier I can’t wait for it to be over

Now, if you’re a regular reader of this blog you KNOW that I’m crazy for timezone stuff. This year, however, I just want to make it all stop…

This year, we’ll be starting Daylight Saving Time 3 weeks earlier than we have in the past. Here’s where the problem starts: Lots of computer stuff won’t be happy about this. When lots of computer stuff isn’t happy (ala Y2k), we get lots of news coverage. And when we get lots of news coverage about Daylight Saving Time, I get a big headache because it seems like EVERYONE CALLS IT DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.


Repeat after me: “Daylight…. Saving… Time“. Not Daylight Savings Time. Never.

I think this one is the worst. Yes. Even worse than Safety Deposit Box. ACK!

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What time is it?

You got it, it’s Daylight Saving Time again starting tonight! (and if your instinct was to say “4:30” and that it’s “early, early, early” you may be an even bigger dork than I am, although I’ll admit that I was thinking it too).

In any event, please enjoy your six months of calling it Daylight Savings Time and/or “Eastern Standard Time”. For my part, I’ll update my clocks and call it what it is.

PS – Shout out to my peeps in Indiana! Good luck tomorrow!

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Reminder – Indiana thrown into chaos on April 2nd

The unauthorized Microsoft Weblog reminds us that Indiana starts to observe Daylight Savings (sic) Time on April 2nd. Yes, it’s finally happened.

Of course, they evidently had some high-level meetings to decide how to make it even more confusing for people. And what did they come up with? How about: “you’re all now Eastern time, except for a bunch of folks at the west end of the state”.

Wah, hahahaha. Their nefarious plan has worked, and they will undoubtedly have succeeded in keeping folks (both in and out of Indiana) from understanding what in the world is going on with their timezone and timezone shifts.

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That time of year — time change

Well, hopefully you remembered last night about the time change. Today is that weekend-morning of the year where folks show up an hour early for stuff. That’s better than being an hour late, I suppose, but who doesn’t want the extra hour of sleep.

I’m just glad because we’re back to “Standard” time throughout the US. No more of that “meeting is at 4pm EST” stuff in the middle of July, etc.

This year was a bit more confused, I think, because of the energy bill that passed earlier in the year. As you may recall, this includes a change to US observation of Daylight Saving time such that it will end (go back to Standard time) a few weeks later… starting in 2007.

Thus the confusion. We’ve had some news coverage out here on the local news lately to reinforce the fact that this change doesn’t happen until 2007. Not in 2005. Heck, not even in 2006.

But I still wonder how many folks didn’t actually FORGET (the usual behavior) to switch the clocks this morning, but in fact, PURPOSEFULLY didn’t change them, thinking that the change isn’t until November?

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Oh no, it’s Y2k all over again!!

Previously posted on August 15 at:!1phaOgcvNsBxzvBN9Zpx1vbQ!153.entry

I’d been talking intermittently about timezone stuff over at my work-related blog, so I suppose it’s time I move that discussion over to my non-work-related blog. Here are some of the previous posts on Eastern Standard Time, Eastern Daylight Time, the Microsoft Timezone Utility, proposed changes to daylight saving time, and my July 22nd update to the proposed changes. Whew, I think that’s all of them.
So, the latest is that President Bush signed the energy bill…er… the “Energy Policy Act” on August 8th, 2005. This means we’ve now got — starting in 2007 — new start/stop dates for daylight saving time in the US. This is great! Kids get an extra hour of daylight over Halloween (um, an extra hour?).
Ok, let’s try that again. Kids will get up an hour earlier over Halloween, so when they go trick-or-treating at — let’s say — 7pm, it’ll actually be 6pm in “legacy daylight saving time” and therefore still bright and sunny. 🙂
But all is not wonderful, according to the media sensationalists. Oh no, things never are. If you believe the media, it will be armageddon, just like Y2k all over again. Clocks off by an hour on your VCR, causing you to miss CSI… if you don’t download any “critical updates” for your Windows PC during the next 2 years, the clock might change on the wrong day… and worst of all, your smoke detector battery will have to last an additional week!! AAAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEEE! Whatever will we do. (don’t let the comparisons to the Y2k “non-crisis” confuse you, this is SERIOUS stuff!)
Ever get the sense that the media is just forever “sniffing around” for something new and silly to hype up?

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