MIL safely back in SC

Well, we’ve ended up our 2 weeks of Jodi’s mom being out here in Seattle to help us with the new baby as of this morning. Now it’s all on Jodi and I for a while — a little bit daunting, but I think we’ll do ok.

This turnover is particularly blog-worthy now that M.I.L. is back in Columbia, SC — after the crazy travel day she had yesterday. You occasionally hear about wacko behavior on planes and bomb-scares, etc… but almost never is it in your city, and even more rarely does it have any direct effect on you personally.

Well, no more! Yesterday, Jodi’s mom was on the Northwest flight 980 to Memphis that got turned around and returned to Seattle due to a bomb threat/scare. She (along with the 141 other passengers) spent a bunch of time sitting on the far runway surrounded by flashing-light police vehicles and news helicopters overhead, then off to the FBI/TSA/Homeland security interrogation room for interview, etc. And, finally, off to a steak dinner with Jodi, Gabriel and myself to celebrate the extra 18 hours we got to spend with her here in Seattle!

All is well, and she’s made it safely back to SC on a flight today, but what a wacky, strange, scary thing to happen! My thought is it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime sort of things, so now she’s safe to fly unimpeded (maybe she won’t even have to take her shoes off to get through security!) going forward. 🙂

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